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General permissions:

Backtagging? Sure! I'm naturally somewhat slow, anyway. If I drop a thread that you want to keep going, please let me know. :)
Threadjacking? Go for it! I love threadjacking.
Fourthwalling? Please avoid this if possible.
Offensive subjects: None.
Canon point: I'm willing to play Martha from any point, but generally take her from after Journey's End, when her relationship with Tom has ended and she's still working with UNIT.
Shipping preferences: In general, I only do het ships with Martha, and prefer 25+. When it comes to canon ships, I prefer Martha/Doctor or Martha/Jack, but I'm open to nearly anything but Martha/Mickey and Martha/Master. In cross-canon, I'm fairly open, but prefer not to ship her with villainous/antagonistic characters. Also no Supernatural; it's a personal thing I'm just not into.
AUs/scenarios/thread preferences: I love hurt/comfort, whether emotional or physical (oftentimes both), and anything that lends itself to shipping. I'll do a slow burn relationship, but am also fine with a certain amount of assumed CR. AUs I enjoy include fantasy (especially a sort of urban fantasy canon fusion), vampires/werewolves, daemons, Hogwarts, steampunk, and various canon fusions that smash together the Whoniverse with other canons (eg, MCU or Star Wars). I won't do college/high school, coffeeshop, rock star, hooker, or 'normal' AUs. I'm also totally open to canon AUs of various sorts.

Hugging this character? Go right ahead.
Kissing this character? As long as you're a guy, go right ahead. Though if you're a stranger, you might be slapped if it happens out of the blue... just tell her it's a genetic transfer, then she'll be totally cool with it.
Flirting with this character? Definitely.
Smut with this character? Het only. Please ask if you have any questions or need clarification on something. I have a kinklist for Martha here.
Fighting with this character? Generally all right, but be aware that Martha is mostly opposed to violence. That said, she's also been trained in unarmed self-defence, so she's not going to let you stand there and punch her, either.
Injuring this character? I'm usually open to things as long as they aren't too extreme/permanently disfiguring, but always PM me first.
Killing this character? No thanks.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character? Yep. Martha is a normal human and has no resistance to these things.
Anything else? I'm typically pretty open about RP in general, but if you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

Permissions for [community profile] alteredstates:
Martha's river power is empathy: sensing and manipulating others' emotions. Over time, she's learned to build up a mental shield, which keeps her from being overwhelmed by reading everyone else's emotions, and she can focus her powers and only read one person in the immediate area. I'll always ask first if it's all right to have her 'read' your character's emotions.


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